A.J.'s Photography

I certainly don't consider myself to be a great photographer: I don't push the envelope of my technical knowledge in photography, nor do I have a great artistic sense of how to create stunning, memorable images. Instead, photography is an activity in which I relax from my usual drive to understand the technical workings of things and appreciate the beauty of the world around me: it is my "stop and smell the roses" activity. Still, without destroying that enjoyment and relaxation, I try to create as beautiful and memorable a photograph as I can at the time that I take it.

Nikon D80 Cameras & Equipment—shows some of my past camera purchases, a list of the equipment that I currently have, and a few notes on some of the equipment that I am thinking about purchasing. Photography Notes—TBD TBD
From the ferry and on the Island Vancouver Island & Georgia Strait photos—I began photography as a hobby when I was in Port Hardy (06/'83 to 06/'84). The early photos are a bit rough, but they give an impression of the area, and I've added many more since. Expo '86 photos—Expo '86 was held between May 2 and October 13, 1986, almost two years after I returned to Vancouver. These are a few of the images from that excellent world's fair. Expo '86
Boats & Ships Boats & Ships photos—The theme for Expo '86 was transportation, but I found my camera was most attracted to the many varieties of boats and ships that were on display and which visited during the fair. Black & White photos—A photography course at Focal Point in the fall of 1986 required some black and white work. Although I haven't pursued black and white work since, I still like the images that I did shoot. Black & White
Canadian Pacific First Nations art and the MoA Native Art & the MoA photos—The First Nations of Canada's west coast have a very unique style of art. From traditional totem poles and masks to the works of modern masters, there are many works along the BC coast and at UBC's Museum of Anthropology. Fire at UBC photos—From '88 to '92 I studied at UBC and I lived in family housing where a row of WWII barracks had been used as daycares, but with the construction of new facilities, these old buildings were set afire by the UBC FD as a training exercise. Photo essay: a firefighter exercise
B.C. Flora & Fauna B.C. Flora & Fauna photos—Vancouver borders the rich wildlife of the Pacific Ocean and the thriving wildlife of the Coast Mountains. Add the 1,000 acre Stanley Park, and the photo opportunities abound. Vancouver Architecture photos—Vancouver is only a little over a century old, but as in most modern cities, with a few notable exceptions, it is mostly the older buildings that are the most interesting. Vancouver landmark buildings
Vancouver weather Rain Coast Weather photos—Photos of the moody weather in Vancouver are nearly unavoidable. I have drawn these photos from several years, but organized them by month to show the cycle of the seasons. Vancouver Scenes photos—These photos are arranged in sort of a "walking tour" that could be titled "from gritty to pretty". It shows the flavour of life in Vancouver. Vancouver scenes
Alberta & the Okanagan Alberta & the Okanagan photos—While I tend to stay in coastal areas of British Columbia, I do have family in the Okanagan valley, B.C.'s wine region, and in Alberta, the next province to the east. Odd Shots—This is a collection of what is unusual photography for me: still life compositions, macro-photography, fireworks photos, and—most recently—non-telescopic astro-photography. Odd Shots