Gastown's Carral street, the Steam Clock and the Sears Tower—Vancouver's old downtown area, Gastown, is now refurbished as a very fashionable office, restaurant, tourist shop, and club district. Wrought iron stanchions and street lamps line the brickwork of Carral street. The steam clock pipes out its calliope-like "Big Ben" tune. The Sears Tower (now called the Harbour Centre Tower) rises up in the background; it marks the boundary between Gastown and the modern office buildings and malls of the current downtown core. The photo is dated by the Expo '86 logo on the awning of the tourist shop beside the steam clock. (fall, 1986)

Marine Building Entrance—The Marine Building is an Art Deco office tower with fascinating decorations. The building is a camera magnet for me: I have trouble not taking photos of it whenever I pass it by. Here you see the main entrance of the building. In addition to the intricate geometric decorations around and above the doors, and around the outer archway, there are fifteen bas-relief panels inset in the inside of the outer archway. Each of the panels depicts a particular transport vehicle: a particular ship, train, or airplane. (fall, 1986)

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