AJ's Family History

This section of my web site contains the scanned and restored photographs that have come down to me from a couple of branches of my family. The photo restorations are very time-consuming, so the work is far from complete, as you will quickly notice from some of the photos. The genealogical data is mostly drawn from the work of a relative, Judith Chidlow, although I have researched one biography (John Howe), I am working on another (Joseph Howe), and I have a few others planned.

Usage: You can click on any of the married couple buttons in the overview trees below to view the vital dates and children of those couples. In the family pages, you can click on the photos of any of the individuals to jump into the photo album at the earliest photo of that person. Alternatively, you can click on the Photo Album links to jump straight to the earliest photo for that family branch and browse through to the most recent photo. There is a photo album for each of these two family branches. It is unlikely that there will be too many more photos added, as these are most of the photos that I have been given access to over several years of collecting. There will be improvements over time, however, in the photo retouching for many of the photos in these collections.

The Johnstone, Macintyre, Dunlop Branch

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View John Dunlop and Catherine Mae Cameron's family View John and Janet Johnstone's family View Donald Leitch Macintyre and Annie Mae Dunlop's family View David Johnstone and Catherine Campbell's family View James Johnstone and Frances Orr's family View John Johnstone and Annie Marcella Macintyre's family View Frank Falconer and Catherine May Macintyre's family View William Macintryre, Katie O'Brien, and Malvina Quinn's family

The Howe, Thomson, Bown, Johnston Branch

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View John Howe, Martha Minns, and Mary Ede's families View the John Howe's biography View the Joseph Howe's biography View Joseph Howe and Susan McNab's family View Samuel Bown, Robert Russel Bown, and Mary Russel's family View Cathcart Thomson and Ellen Howe's family View John Young Bown and Margaret Macklem Cummings' family View William Johnston and Maria Richardson's family View James Renny Thomson and Margaret Cummings Bown's family View Samuel Francis Johnston and Elizabeth Howard's family View Kenneth Bown Thomson and Camille Winifred Johnston's family View Joseph Howard Johnston and Muriel McArthur's family View George Duncan McRae and Anne Elizabeth Johnston's family View William James Johnston and Olive Roland's family View Norman Victor Johnston and Olive Mabel Coleman's family View Samuel Ernest Johnston and Janet Louise Niven's family View William Mill Allan and Sarah Frances Johnston's family View John William McGuiness and Mary Florence Johnston's family