L: Mary Russell Bown, c. 1826—Born Mary Russell, she was the mother of John Young Bown and the grandmother of Margaret Cummings Bown. Mary married Samuel Bown, who was John Young Bown's father, but he died at 38 years of age in 1836, when John was about 15 years old. After Samuel's death, Mary married Samuel's younger brother, Robert Russel Bown. In 1842, the Bowns sold their property in England and moved to Brantford, Brant County, Upper Canada, when John was 21 and after he had completed his studies in medicine. View Mary Russell's family.

R: John Young Bown, c.1868—John Young Bown was the father of Margaret Cummings Bown. He was born in Upper Stoke, Dorsetshire, England, on December 30, 1821. He was a classical scholar and well versed in natural history. John studied medicine at Grey's and St. Thomas' in London, and at St. Andrew's in Scotland. He won a prize in anatomy at St. Thomas's. He was a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Apothecaries Hall. John emigrated to Canada in 1842, where he studied law in Toronto, although he was not called to the bar. In 1851, John was licensed to practice medicine in Canada West, and he practiced in Brantford. On December 23, 1853, he purchased "The Elms" in Brantford, Canada West. He married Rachael Campbell Ferrie, who died in 1857. In 1858, he was elected as the representative for North Brant to the Canada West Legislative Assembly, and he was re-elected in 1861. He also married Margaret Macklem Cummings in 1861. After Confederation, John was elected to the House of Commons of Canada as the Liberal Conservative member for North Brant. He is said to have tended Sir John A. Macdonald after one of his heart attacks in the House until the Prime Minister's personal physician arrived. John did not run in the 1872 election. Upon his death on September 26, 1890, John was described as "one of the best botanists and microscopists in the Province of Ontario." He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brantford. View John Young Bown's family.

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