L: Donald Leitch Macintyre, c.1876—Donald Leitch Macintyre (Feb. 17, 1844 - Mar. 26, 1903) married Annie May Dunlop, the daughter of John Dunlop and Catherine May Cameron Dunlop. He was the most recent of my ancestors to come to Canada. Donald, my great-gandfather, was born in Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland and came to Canada in about 1874 with his brother Archibald. He spent one year in New York (c.1875), then returned to Canada, living in South Lancaster, where he married Annie May Dunlop on January 1, 1877. They later lived in Prescott, Kingston, Guelph, Cornwall, then Guelph again, all in Ontario, finally he moved to Montreal, Quebec, in about 1895, where he died of cancer in 1903. He was buried in Lancaster, Ontario. Donald worked primarily as a teacher. He began as a tutor to the Coates family in Scotland for about a year (their mother was his aunt). He worked as a high school teacher in New York, South Lancaster, Prescott, Kingston, Guelph, and Cornwall. Later in life, he worked for the Inland Revenue auditing beer and liquor tax assessments in Guelph and Montreal, where the family moved in 1895. Donald was an accomplished highland dancer and was also known for his violin playing. He taught highland dancing in his spare time and was often a judge of both dancing and the bagpipe at the Caledonian Games. Donald also wrote Conservative speeches for profit while he was a civil servant and is said to have written a scandalous poem in which he claimed that the Scots were one of the lost tribes of Israel and the Macintyres (which means "son of the carpenter") were the direct descendants of Jesus Christ. Donald had other vices: he smoked cigars, belonged to a Saturday night poker club, and received gifts of whiskey and beer from the liquor companies at Christmas, which mortified his wife and daughters. Despite these indulgences, I get the impression from the comments about Donald Macintyre that he was very much liked and highly respected by those around him. This photo was taken by J. Fairbairn in Deseronto, Ontario. It must have been taken between 1876 and 1895 (and probably closer to 1876, given his youthful appearance).

R: Catherine May and Annie Marcella Macintyre, c.1902—Annie Marcella Macintyre (June 12, 1881 - ??? ??, 1937, right) and Catherine May (Kit/Kitty) Macintyre (Mar. 25, 1885 - Nov. 23, 1967, left) were the third and fourth children of Donald Leitch Macintyre and Annie May (Dunlop) Macintyre. Both were born in Ontario; Annie Marcella in Kingston, Kitty in Guelph. Annie Marcella went to public schools in Ontario, the Montreal High School for Girls (on a scholarship), took a steno course (as she was too young to attend teacher's college) and eventually studied at the Protestant Teacher's College in Montreal, c.1903. Annie Marcella worked at Birk's in Montreal (after the steno course), taught at Rory's Gore (near Thurso, Quebec), and moved to the west in September, 1905, where she got paid triple what she could earn in the east. This photo, is marked with the address "159 St. Lawrence St., Montreal." The photo, therefore, must have been taken between 1895, when the family moved to Montreal (Kitty would have been 10) and 1905, when Annie Marcella moved to Alberta (Kitty would have been 20). The later date seems most likely to me given Kitty's apparent age. If so, this was possibly a photo of the two sisters together before Annie Marcella left for Alberta. This is probably a poor image of Annie Marcella as the photo was badly damaged, with the lower right portion of her face torn from the photo, as were the adjacent neck and background areas.

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